Let DMX (Digital Motion x-ray) document and prove your whiplash injury, and increase your settlement value, better than a CT scan or MRI. Click here to show proven settlements.

DMX imaging provides superior image quality, instantaneous image display, immediate video rendering, fast archiving and outstanding documentation.

Do not settle your accident case without consulting Dr. Long and learning about DMX. Digital Motion x-ray technology can help identify whiplash and other auto injuries that MRIs and CT Scans cannot!

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Digital Motion x-ray – DMX – is a medical imaging technology that visualizes the human body real-time while in motion.

“We believe that the future of medical imaging should follow the principles of biomechanics and the human body as an active entity.”

When ligaments fail, the bony structures are allowed to move beyond their normal physiologic barriers. The result may be neck pain, back pain, headache, hypermobility, and accelerated degeneration of the motion segment.
The Evolution of Radiology…Digital Motion x-ray
Here’s how this technology saved Amanda’s life: In March of 2006 Amanda Bennett was a victim of a rear end collision that totaled her car and caused a painful injury to her neck. After 5 MRIs, 2 CT scans and dozens of static x-rays, basically everything came back negative. One Digital Motion x-ray revealed that she had serious ligament damage in her neck and her C1 was slipping violently from side to side.

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